Friday, December 22, 2006

Welcome to the "winter road" that travels into the Canadian Diamond Mines. I am a retired RCMP member who for the last 2 winters has patrolled the ice road. The ice road starts at Tibbett Lake northeast of Yellowknife and travels up to LacDeGras where Diavek and Ekati Diamond Mines are past the Snap Lake site operated by DeBeers and north on Contwoyto Lake to the Tahera Diamond Mine. The photo above is an ore box for an ore truck and was taken coming onto the south end of Mackay Lake about 130 kms south of LacDeGras. I will attempt to upload some more photos from the last two years to this site and while patrolling this coming winter (2007) I will likewise try to update the site with the current conditions and items of interest I see from day to day. I hope you enjoy.

This photo is of a southbound (empty) fuel truck on Mackay Lake. Over half of the loads are diesel fuel for operational needs at the mines and to alleviate some of the need for diesel, wind generators are being built at at least two of the mine sites for the generation of electricity.

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