Monday, January 1, 2007

This map shows the route of the winter road. To repeat, in 2005 I was at the LacDeGras road camp at kilometer 350. In 2005 I was at Dome Lake camp. The tree line is aproximately kilometer 270. I hope you find this interesting and gives a picture of how the road is laid out.
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barry-eh said...

Wow! That's quite the trek. You have my curiousity. Just the other day I was watching a program on PBS about the diamonds in northern Canada. Very interesting stuff. I also heard on the radio this morning that, due to global warming, the idea of a northwest and northeast passage is more plausible and people are investing in Churchill has a major port. Interesting. We'll have to talk about this some day. God bless!

Rose Seguin said...

Hallo thanu for your story. I am Rose from winnipeg and I am looking for a man who works in the diamond mine. His name is Tony. We were communicating in 07 through a friend as he was working in very remote places. His friend cut off our contact because of jealousy. I have been trying to find Tony since then but do not know his last name. I believe he is in charge of a crew. We were talking of him visiting me in Winnipeg. At the time he had a condo in Toronto and was visiting family in US. I miss and care for him very much . Is there any chance that u know who he is. He is also Italian. I am on facebook and have his picture posted..thanku for anything u can help me with. If u speak to him, please tell him his babybin Rose in winnipeg is still waiting

Rose Seguin said...

This is Rose u can email